Maui spearfishing

Best spearfishing on Maui

Fishing is at the center of Hawaiians physical and spiritual fulfillment. Many proverbs, prayers and tales attest to the importance of fishing in Hawaiian culture.  We operate by a philosophy that pairs a cycle of cultivating and harvesting plants and animals, while conserving the same resources and living in balance with our environment. In Ancient Hawaii, a successful fisherman was considered a highly values asset for his entire community. Let us show you why!



Spearfishing Instruction through beautiful waters of Maui. Invasive as well as edible species of fish will be targeted.  You will learn breathing techniques, fish identification and reef awareness. You will be given recipes to cook the fish you catch or if you choose you can donate to families who do not have the time or ability to spearfish for themselves.  we can tailor each dive to each person’s capabilities.

You will be provided with a wetsuit top, snorkel, mask, fins, weight belt, gloves and spear.


Must be able to swim/float, be in the water for a few hours comfortably.  Must be at least 10 years old.