We will meet at Olowalu, Mile Marker 14 on Highway 30 or at Kapalua's DT Fleming Beach Park. Fishing location is determined by the weather.

Do I need a fishing license?
No, you do not need a fishing license to fish in Hawaii.  Having a guide is a good idea though so you are aware of all local fishing regulations.

Is this something kids can do?
Yes!  This is an introduction to spearfishing class an a great opportunity to make some memories as a family.  The minimum age is 10 years old.

I have never spearfished before.  Is that okay?
we Can tailor every dive to each guests capabilities.

I have experience spearfishing.  Is this just for beginners?
we will dive where I feel you will be comfortable and we can get the best fishing in.

Do we dive from a boat?
No.  We swim from shore for all trips.

What do we do with the fish?
We will be targeting invasive as well as edible fish.  Invasive species will be used for fertilizer and edible fish can be sent home with you to eat along with a recipe.  If you chose, you can also donate the fish to local families.